Glitch City

The Original Glitch City

Glitch City is the term used by many Pokemon Fans to describe a corrupt map in Genration I games. In many fan made games Glitch City replaces Pallet Town as the town the player begins from. Their are many variations of the map but the original was first found north of Route 20 in Pokemon Red/Blue versions. Though the map is past the barrier so it takes a little hacking to access

How to Enter Glitch CityEdit

Players can enter Glitch City by using the following steps:

1. Enter the Safari Zone and start a Safari Game. Then save the game and trun off the power.

2. Then turn the game back on.

3. Then exit the Safari Zone. The attendant will ask if the player would like to enter a Safari Game, say No.

4. Fly anywhere on the map. (Easiest way is to enter through Route 20)

5. Take 500 steps and then the Safari Zones PA will ring and the player will be teleported to the Safari Zone Gatehouse.

6. Leave the Gatehouse through the South Entrance and the player will be in Glitch City.

How to Exit Glitch CityEdit

The only way to exit Glitch City is to Teleport or Fly. This wont cause any permanent corruption. However if you don't have a Pokemon that take you out and you saved your game in Glitch City you will have to start a new save file.

Other Common Glitch CitiesEdit

Route 20 is not the only way to enter. Their are other Glitch Cities in other places. They follow the same steps but Fly to a different location.

Rock TunnelEdit

This is basically the same thing as Route 20 with a few minor differences. When you are in the Rock Tunnel and Flash wears off before you walk 500 steps the entire Safari Zone will be covered in darkness. Before you enter Glitch City you can explore the Safari Zone in total darkness.


  • If the player opens the start menu it can change the terrain of Glitch City. Sometimes it is permanent. It can change many tiles to Surf tiles. Fishing can have the same effect.
  • The trees you can cut down with Cut can't be cut down in Glitch City. As well as signs can't be read and doors can't be entered.